Thursday, September 18, 2014

No Really: Dirk Nowitizki Plays a David Hasselhoff Song on TV


We feel compelled to share this but to be totally honest, we aren't sure why.

Maybe because it perpetuates a stereotype that Germans are the only people still fascinated with David Hasselhoff? Heck, I don't know.

Anyway, check out what happens when Dallas Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki, a German, made an appearance on a German TV Talk show today called "My Spass".

No, really, that's the name of the show.

And the host of the show brought out a guitar for Dirk to play. The two then broke into a rendition of a  famous Hoff song from 1989 called "Looking for Freedom".

Okay, supposedly famous.

Or famous in Germany...

Anyway, the musical entertainment begins at about the 1:40 mark...

Here's the original for the sake if comparison from ZDF

The Dirty Dozen and The Bottom of the Barrel: Jameis Winston is an Idiot

With all the problems going on in the NFL, the disciplinary issues of the NCAA often take a back seat.

Take for example defending Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston and Florida State.

It's not so much that he did something stupid, jumping up in the middle of the Student Union and yelled an obscenity. And it's not that he leisurely strolled out of a Publix this summer with a bunch of Crab Legs.

And it's not even that he walked away from a questionable sexual encounter with another student in late 2012 that somehow got him a mere slap on the wrist.

It's the combination of all these things that make him the NCAA's chief idiot. And he gets to sit out for a half in a fairly big game for his Seminoles. A game he shouldn't get to play in at all. Then he MIGHT learn a lesson. But we doubt it.

Okay, we're done with the righteous ranting....

It was an interesting college football week last week. A few surprises and a few disappointments. And no clear cut team jumping out from the pack....which we like. It makes things much more fun for us.

So another 12 win week for us, 12-2 to be exact, which raises the 2 week total to 24-3. Which folks ain't bad. We may not always get the score or spread right, but more often than not, we'll tell you who wins.

But enough gloating, it's time to quote the legend Casey Kasem and get "On With the Countdown"


1) Oregon 3-0. Welcome to the top spot Duckies. We don't think you'll be here at the end, but enjoy the ride. The conference schedule now begins and it will be time to ride the Marcus Mariota train. Which actually may get you pretty far. (This Week: at Wash. St. Our Pick: Oregon 49, Wash St. 31)

2) FSU 2-0. You get demoted because your star QB is a moron who thinks he's above everyday life. He's not. In the long run, with him, yeah, you have the best team in the country. But all things considered, will you have him for the long run. We'd like to pick you to lose this week, you might, it would be justice...sort of. (This Week: vs. Clemson. Our Pick: FSU 23, Clemson 21)

3) Auburn 2-0. Last years runner up is still pretty good. They sort of had a week off after a cupcake game and they go on the road this week. Sometimes the spotlight games (ESPN Thu. night) can be a curse, but K-State isn't enough to bite back. (This Week: at Kansas St. Our Pick: Auburn 50, K-State 30)

4) Alabama 3-0. Team Saban/Kiffykin moves on. After 3 cupcakes. Ok, maybe W.Va isn't a cupcake, the meat of the schedule kicks in. The Tide have been good, not great. There are still questions. But not enough to slow them down this week. (This Week: vs. Florida Our Pick: Bama 34, Gators 17)

5) Oklahoma 3-0. No, the Sooners haven't been pushed yet either. While they do seem to be the class of the Big 9, we have questions about how they'll play against the SEC. Oh, wait, the rolled Tennessee last week. Yes, good for you. (This Week: at W.Va. Our Pick: Oklahoma 48, W.Va 34)

6) Texas A&M 3-0. Still don't get the whole "Trill" Hill thing, though we give Aggie QB Kenny credit for stepping in and performing very, very well. But our hat tip goes to Kevin Sumlin who may be doing his best coaching job ever this season. (This Week: at SMU (yikes). Our Pick: Aggies 126, SMU 3)

7) LSU 3-0. Eh...not sure the Tigers will be worthy of this ranking when the dust clears, but right now, hey why not? The meat of the schedule begins now and trips to A&M and Auburn are on the horizon. (This Week: vs. Miss St. Our Pick: LSU 24, Miss St. 14)

8) Baylor 3-0. Ok, everyone still loves the Bears and hey, who wouldn't, they are averaging nearly 60 points a game. But they've also fattened up on 3 straight cupcakes, so don't use this as a guide. The Big 9 schedule starts this week, let's see what happens. (This Week: at Iowa St. Our Pick: Baylor 40, Iowa St. 27) 

9) Ole Miss 3-0. Is this team a mirage or are they living up to their potential? Hard to tell, they too have fattened up on cupcakes. That will eventually change, but not this week. (This Week: vs. Memphis. Our Pick: Ole Miss 34, Memphis 21)

10) UCLA 3-0. They've underachieved, but persevered. An injury to Brett Hundley meant Rick Neuhiesel's kid Jerry had to step up. He did, leading the Bruins to a win at Texas. Which still isn't easy to do. Test time's a comin' though. (This Week: OFF)

11) Notre Dame 3-0. So, the Irish are off to a good start, but again haven't been challenged. But they are Notre Dame, so if they're 3-0, they're in the Top 10 in the polls. We question if they'll stay, but all games but maybe 1 are winnable for them. (This Week: OFF)

12) Arizona St. 3-0. Yes, another Pac 12 team. If you are undefeated, you too have a shot at making our list over a team with a loss. That's the way we roll. (This Week: OFF)


5) New Mexico 0-2. Yes, the song above is for you Lobo fans and you Bob Davie. Former long time resident comes home. The Lobos were here through the entire Mike Locksley era and have returned. You must earn your way back out. That is all. (This week: at NM State. Our Pick: NM State 25, NM 10)

4) SMU 0-2. Oh boy, it doesn't get any easier. Lose your head coach, check. Score 6 points on the season, check. Travel to the Trill show this week, check. (This Week: vs. Texas A&M. Our Pick--see #6 above)

3) UMass 0-3. Way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory Minutemen. You had Vandy down and on the ropes, yet you let them wiggle free. That's why you are here and probably won't leave. (This Week: at Penn St. Our Pick: PSU 31, UMass 12)

2) Troy 0-3. Oh boy. My how Larry Blakeny's boys have fallen. This was once the crown jewel of the Sun Belt. Not any more. And it won't get better. (This Week: at UGA Our Pick: UGA 51, Troy 13)

1) Miami OH 0-3. No, you don't get to leave the bottom here Redhawks. You still aren't good, you haven't won in over 2 seasons. You can't leave. Nor will you anytime soon. (This Week: at Cincinnati. Our Pick: Cinci 48, Miami OH 13) 

Joel With The Goal Then Falls in a Hole



Here's your Wednesday soccer highlight of the day.

Check out the goal celebration by Cortiba's Joel (joe-el) after a breakaway goal where he ended up having to dance around a few defenders.

The goal, which was impressive, is only topped by what happened afterwards, Joel goes running down the end line and hurdles the advertising sign barrier. Then disappears.

Turns out he landed in a covered hole on the field.

No really, he did.

He wasn't hurt, this goal was one of two he had on the night as his team won 3-1.

Okay, They Did It Again With These Jeter Tributes...

((HT: Gatorade))

Yeah, the HQ will stipulate that we are (nor will we ever be) a Yankees fan...

But with Derek Jeter's career coming to an end, the tribute videos are pretty cool.

First, it was the RE2PECT ad from Nike. Now, it's this one from the Gatorade folks...

Like we said...


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

David Ash Is Done At Texas

((HT: Longhorn Network))

David Ash will no longer play football-period.

Head coach Charlie Strong said that, as a result of multiple concussions, his former starting quarterback is giving up the sport.

His first major concussion was in a game against BYU last season. He came back for the Kansas State game, but still suffered some after-effects and was ruled out of the season.

He came back for the 2014 season opener against North Texas and still had issues after the game against the Mean Green. He has decided it's, simply, time to go. Coach Strong did say that Ash will still be a part of the football program

Here's the story of Ash and what he meant to the Longhorns

The HQ commends Ash for making a smart decision and wanting to have a "rest of his life."

Now, It's Jonathan Dwyer's Turn To Face Police On Domestic Abuse/Assault Charges

((HT: KTAR Radio/ABC15))

We now have another football player in trouble with the law... this time in Phoenix...

Arizona Cardinals' running back Jonathan Dwyer was arrested after allegations of domestic abuse against his wife from late July on back-to-back days. According to KTAR Radio the incidents happened like this:

"In the first, Kayla sustained a fracture. In the second incident, Dwyer allegedly threw a shoe at the couple's 18-month-old son."

Phoenix police say Dwyer was charged with "one count of aggravated assault causing a fracture, one count of aggravated assault involving a minor, two counts of criminal damage and 1 count of preventing the use of a phone in an emergency and assault."

Police maintain that after the two incidents in dispute, Dwyer's wife and 18-month-old child left the state of Arizona. Kayla Dwyer, apparently, called Phoenix police a week ago alleging Jonathan Dwyer tweeted her a photo of a knife and threatened to harm himself if she contacted the police.

According to Phoenix police when he was interviewed, Dwyer admitted to the incidents in late July, but denied any assaults of his wife and child.

Here's the early reports from Phoenix
Here's the statement from the team after Dwyer was escorted from their training facility: "Given the serious nature of the allegations we have taken the immediate step to deactivate Jonathan from all team activities." Team officials also said they will closely monitor the situation."

Greg Hardy To Be Put On Exempt List

While the Ray Rice saga garnered most of the headlines last week, the NFL's other significant domestic abuse case had all but gone unnoticed.

Not until Rice made headlines and the NFL botched there handling of it, did many people take notice of Carolina Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy's conviction back in July.

Hardy played in the 1st game of the season for the Panthers, but after the events of last week, the Panthers pulled him from the lineup at the last minute on Sunday.

With his status in limbo, the team announced Wednesday afternoon they would place Hardy on the Exempt list. Which in essence puts him on paid leave until his issues are resolved (much like Adrian Peterson).

Hardy, while pleading guilty to the July charges, decided to appeal that decision and take the case to trial. That trial has not been scheduled yet. According to North Carolina law, since the original case was heard only by a judge, he can appeal and the trial must be heard by a jury.

In the meantime, he is not allowed to play or practice with his team, though he is allowed to be at the teams facilities in Charlotte.

No timetable has been given for his return, though team G.M Dave Gettleman did say that it won't be until the legal process is finished.

In case you haven't seen it, here's the saga of Mr. Hardy: