Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Broncos Bowlen Steps Aside For Alzheimer's Treatment

((HT: Denver Post/Klis))

Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen has resigned his control of the franchise over to team president Joe Ellis after it was disclosed publicly for the first time that Bowlen is fighting Alzheimer's Disease.

"It's a really, really sad day," Ellis told Klis. "It's sad for his family, his wife and his seven children. It's sad for everyone in the organization. And it's sad for all the Bronco fans who know what Pat Bowlen meant to them as an owner. It's a day nobody wanted to see happen."

The team is going to be placed in a Trust, set up over a decade ago, so that eventually one of Bowlen's seven children will eventually run the franchise. Right now, however, it is Ellis's ship.

"As many in the Denver community and around the National Football League have speculated, my husband, Pat, has very bravely and quietly battled Alzheimer's disease for the last few years," Annabel Bowlen said in a statement. "He has elected to keep his condition private because he has strongly believed, and often said, 'It's not about me.'

"Pat has always wanted the focus to be solely on the Denver Broncos and the great fans who have supported this team with such passion during his 30 years as owner. My family is deeply saddened that Pat's health no longer allows him to oversee the Broncos, which has led to this public acknowledgment of such a personal health condition."

Klis also made the point that, under no circumstance, is the team going to be moved.

"This is a sad day for the NFL," commissioner Roger Goodell said in a statement to The Denver Post. "Pat Bowlen's leadership has been critical to the success of the Broncos and the entire NFL. From building a championship team that is a pillar of the community to his important work for the league on television and labor matters, Pat's love of the game drove him and we have all benefited from his passion and wisdom. But the time has come for Pat to focus on his health and we fully support him. Joe Ellis has been a trusted executive for Pat for many years after working with us at the league office. Joe's deep experience ensures that the Broncos will continue to have strong leadership."

Here is the statement from the Broncos

Statement from the Denver Broncos on owner Pat Bowlen

Here's early coverage from CBS4 in Denver

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Donald Sterling Sues Wife And NBA Again

((HT: ESPN))

Donald Sterling is a very busy man in the middle of his probate case going on in Los Angeles.

He filed another concurrent suit in Superior Court seeking damages from the NBA, commissioner Adam Silver, his wife Shelly Sterling, and the Clippers alleging they all violated corporate law in trying to sell the team.

Sterling argues he is the sole owner and shareholder of the parent organization: LAC Basketball Club- that manages and runs the team. His interest in LACBC was in the Family Trust, but he maintains that when he revoked the trust (the crux of the current arguments in probate court), everything went back to his own personal interest and management.

And, therefore, he's the guy in charge of everything- not his wife or anyone else.

Max Bretos checks in with Ramona Shelburne about the latest adventures

And then interim CEO Richard Parsons, as part of his testimony, revealed and reinforced that if Donald Sterling was to remain owner that coach and GM Doc Rivers was checking out.

Bretos and Shelburne again

Clippers fans who have followed the franchises ups and downs for a long time feel this is par for the course and should not be surprised that the final salvo Donald Sterling is interested in firing at any of his detractors is going to just have the franchise in a slow burn of failure- mandated by behavior in the courts of Los Angeles.

If Donald Sterling is going down, he is going to take it all with him...

To hell with all of you...

Round 47 Of "Are The Coyotes On The Clock?"

((HT: Sports Exchange))

Glendale (Arizona) Mayor Jerry Weiers is asking the state attorney general to investigate the closed door meetings that the City Council had with NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and League Number Two Bill Daly last year.

After days of meetings in 2013, the Council voted by a slim margin to approve the $225-million agreement that keeps the Coyotes in Glendale and the Arena. Weiers voted against the deal and is concerned that the City Council and the NHL violated Sunshine Laws.

If an investigation is opened and a violation is found, the deal could be voided- an issue the HQ raised when all of this went down in the first place. If the deal is torched, the city council would have 30 days to do everything all over again- in an open meeting this time around.

"I think it's a clear violation," Weiers told The Arizona Republic in a Tuesday article. "That meeting is wrong on so many levels. It's like playing poker and showing your opponents all your cards."

Here's the short version from News 12
And the HQ wonders again if the folks in Seattle are watching the activity in town... The full article from the Republic is hyah and is an nice, in-depth look what may be a bad situation for all parties involved.
As we have maintained from the beginning...

Cliff Lee Ends An Interview The Best Way Ever

((HT: CSN Philly))

Cliff Lee had a rough outing last night in his first time back on the mound since being on the Disabled List.

The reason the HQ knows it as a rough outing was that he started for our fantasy baseball team.
Lee faced the lights after the game and ended his interview the best way ever...

It reminds us of the end of the scene in "Ted" where Joel McHale finally got to say good night to Mila Kunis after their date watching Norah Jones.

And it WAS the best exclamation point to the whole night, you know...

Chip Caray Joins Steve Levy With Bulging

((HT: SportsSouth/Blake Shoemaker's Vine))

Awful Announcing gets the credit for this one...

The Atlanta Braves Evan Gattis missed 17 games because of a problem with his back- something bulged...

But Chip Caray, calling the game, presented it a little differently...

That injury, and succeeding malaprop, always has us think of football
((HT: ESPN))

Monday, July 21, 2014

Jimbo Thinks Jameis Has Suffered Enough


The explanation defies description...

Because he was suspended once already and he's really a good kid...

That's the reason that FSU head coach Jimbo Fisher gave at ACC Media Daze for not suspending (or giving any other kind of discipline for that matter) to QB Jameis Winston for his escapade at the Tallahassee Publix...

Jim Basquil and Jared Shanker discuss

Really...??? Really...???!!!

That's a fine example, sir...

The HQ's over-under for Winston getting into trouble in 2014 is Game 5- since Winston's own father has been asking for the equivalent of 24/7 supervision of HIS KID since he can't do it himself...

And, when Winston leaves FSU, it won't be soon enough...

So Donald Sterling May Need A Sale To Cover A Huge Debt

((HT: MyFoxLA))

Darren Schield, the Chief Financial Officer of the Sterling Trust, took the stand in the court proceedings today in Los Angeles and admitted in open court that the Trust needs to sell the Clippers to cover half a billion dollars in outstanding loans for other Sterling properties.

Once Donald Sterling dissolved the Trust, the banks that are holding the notes could jump in and declare the Sterlings in default of the notes.

If the Clippers aren't sold, Schield admitted that Donald Sterling would have to dump that same amount of value in apartment buildings or other Sterling properties- a move that could flush the real estate market into the toilet.

Here's the coverage from the trial today that isn't all that optimistic

Ramona Shelburne said after the trial appearances today, Donald Sterling met with possible-new owner Steve Ballmer and his estranged wife, Shelly.